‘It's a Mystery': Who Is Vermont's $367 Powerball Winner, Community Wonders

The identity of last week’s historic jackpot winner is still unknown — and may stay that way

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Nearly a week after a history-making lottery jackpot for Vermont — the first time a winning Powerball ticket was sold in the state — the newest multi-millionaire still hasn’t come forward.

"It’s a mystery — everybody wants to know," said Julie Mitchell, a customer at the Jolley store in Middlebury where the winning ticket was sold.

The ticket is worth $366.7 million over a 30-year time period, or it has a $208.5 million lump sum option, according to lottery officials.

"I would want to be anonymous, being in a small town," Mitchell observed.

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Of course, there’s no saying this winner is even a Vermonter. Route 7 runs right through Middlebury and is a pretty busy road. Especially during summer travel season, the winner could’ve been someone just passing through who stopped for gas or refreshments at the Jolley location where the ticket was sold.

"I hope it is a local," said Alycia Labor, who works at the store that sold the lucky ticket.

Labor said there has been speculation swirling about whether the holder is someone from town or a tourist.

"Either way, we are absolutely thrilled we sold the big Powerball ticket," Labor said.

After 40 consecutive Powerball drawings without a winner, someone at last has hit the jackpot.

Andrew Collier, the deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Liquor & Lottery, said he suspects whoever won is consulting with an attorney and financial advisors. 

Collier said the person could keep a low profile by collecting the winnings under a trust.

"It’s an exciting time for us," Collier said of the first-ever Powerball win. "For someone in Vermont to win it, it’s a huge deal."

The state is poised to cash in, too, in the form of tax revenues for the general fund. Along with a withholding charge, additional income tax revenues could also be realized, but officials with Liquor & Lottery and the Vermont Department of Taxes indicated those are trickier to forecast — since it is still unknown whether the person is a Vermont resident or which payout option they will select.

We still could have a long wait to learn more details on the winner: they have until late June of 2023 to come forward.

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