It’s More About The Rain

Deluge Headed our Way


It's time for a storm!

Wait, make that one warm front and one storm.

However you slice it, snow is inching north and east through Massachusetts this evening with the warm front. It will continue to spread into Northern New England as the night wears on. In the meantime, the upper atmosphere will slowly warm, switching us to a mix and eventually rain by morning.

But don't look for everyone to have a smooth transition. In this kind of setup, with a slow-moving warm front, pockets of cold air will hold on for dear life across Central New England and interior Maine. It's here that we might see some icing into mid to late morning. Slippery sidewalks, stoops, decks and icy windshields will likely greet you in the morning.

The temperature rise tomorrow is gradual, but significant. Waves of rain will arrive from late morning through the afternoon - and some may be hefty. The big event will wait until late tomorrow night and early Thursday.

The second leg of this one-two punch is still in the Deep South, hammering Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with severe weather and driving rain. That same system will be what gives us up to 2" of rain in some spots through midday Thursday. There's even enough warmth with this storm to produce thunderstorms across New England. I'm hoping for a quick exit to the rain (to limit flooding) but the ground is already saturated and the runoff will be significant. Winds will be the other issue. Gusting to near 50mph at times in Southeastern New England. Some in the higher terrain of all of New England may also see significant gusts.

With the sun poking out on Thursday, we have a chance to cozy up to a record in Boston. The number to beat is 65, and although we'll likely fall short, it could easily hit 60 for the 8th time this "winter".

We'll keep you posted on the storm. Stay with NECN.

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