June's New Tune?

Well that was a summer face-plant.

Highs only managed to make it into the 50s in Northern New England, while we struggled to keep the 60s in play across Southern New England. Sun was elusive across much of the area, but we're looking at a much brighter day tomorrow.

As far as a warmup is concerned...um, hold that thought.

There's another shot of chilly air - in fact, equally as cold as today's - coming down on Sunday afternoon. The pattern is directing the air straight from Nunavut, Canada, up near the Arctic Circle. And yes, I hear you. You'd rather have 'none of it' in the month of June.

Because the jet stream is blocked up, these cold airmasses have been directed south. We'll manage a serious comeback late next week, but in the meantime, put the A/C on standby.

Showers will stay mostly out of the picture, but may come to us on Saturday night ahead of that aforementioned shot of chilly air. They're brief and fleeting and fall mostly Saturday night, so there aren't any thoughts of washing out the weekend. 

Cold stews across New England Sunday. May sprout a few showers or sprinkles early in the day, but with a dense mat of clouds forming in the afternoon, our temps will sink and the air will dry out.

Brr again on Sunday night and Monday morning. Then a SLOW recovery will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next shot of 80 (and therefore beach) weather?

Try me back next weekend.

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