Kids Hide During Home Invasion; Suspect Sought

Ryan Noel, 27, is accused of breaking into a home Monday afternoon on Litchfield Road

A manhunt is underway in several communities in New Hampshire after a Hudson man allegedly broke into a Londonderry home and confronted the three young children home alone inside.

Despite numerous leads, even from the suspects own family members, police are still trying to track down 27-year-old Ryan Noel.

In broad daylight Monday afternoon, police say Noel tried to make sure no one was home at the Litchfield Road house by ringing the doorbell, knocking, and then wiping away his fingerprints, before going around to the back door and breaking in.

"He stole money off the counter and then went upstairs where he was spotted," explained Londonderry Police Detective Chris Olson.

Det. Olson says Noel ran into a 13-year-old girl, home alone with her younger siblings.

"She screamed and locked herself in the bedroom with the two other children," he said. "She did everything she could, the best she could, and made the best of a bad situation."

Police say Noel escaped and ran through the woods into neighbor Katherine Lemear's backyard.

"I'm like, 'that's it, our two dogs are good security, but we need a little more,'" Lemear told necn Tuesday.

Lemear was in the process of speaking with Bob Phelps with Capitol Alarm Systems to equip her home with an alarm.

"It's scary to know they'll do it in the middle of day with kids home, that's scary," she said.

What's scarier, police say it's the second time that same home has been broken into in the last year.

"This is not a coincidence, it's absolutely not related, this was a random target," Det. Olson said.

Phelps says he's received a lot of calls since Monday afternoon.

"Things ramp up and we get a slew of phone calls," Phelps said. "Once we secure the area and meet with people, things subside."

He says the calls all came from neighbors who want to keep their homes, and especially their kids, from becoming the next target.

"It's shocking to find out something like that has happened in your own neighborhood," Lemear said.

Police say the suspect is on parole for a previous theft conviction. He faces up to 15 years behind bars just for the local felony burglary charge.

Phelps says it costs between $500 and $2,000 for the equipment and installation of an alarm system.

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