Local Departments Increase Police Protection in the Wake of the Dallas Shootings

Police in many New England communities are taking additional precautions

In the wake of the fatal sniper shootings of police in Dallas, some local police departments are taking steps to increase protection of their officers.

The Boston Police Department said that in the interest of officer safety, all of its patrols will be conducted by two-officer units for the time being.

A day after five police officers were killed in the line of duty in Dallas, a Massachusetts police officer’s morning was a bit different. “My kids woke up a little uneasy, not like themselves, gave me an extra hug and extra kiss, saying ‘Daddy, be safe,'” explained Lowell Police Officer Mile Camara.

A day after the attacks, one Massachusetts police officer's morning was a bit different.

"My kids woke up a little uneasy, not like themselves, gave me an extra hug and extra kiss, saying 'Daddy, be safe,'" explained Lowell Police Officer Mile Camara, who says staying safe is part training and part instinct. "You never know what you're getting into. You try to prepare yourself for entering any house if you have that slight concern your little hairs start popping up on the back of your neck."

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The Burlington, Vermont, police department has also decided to suspend solo officer patrols

Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo said solo patrols will be suspended "until the prospect of copycat attacks on other officers diminishes." He said double patrols are safer for officers.

Police in New Haven, Connecticut, have also modified their patrols. Officer David Hartman, the department's spokesman, said officers who often patrol alone will be paired up. He said the department is also implementing other changes to make patrol patterns less predictable.

Newton Police Lieutenant Bruce Apotheker discussed the measures being taken to protect police officers following the shootings in Dallas.

Lt. Bruce Apotheker of the Newton, Massachusetts, Police Department said officers in his department are being encouraged to "use their best judgments and precautions."

He added that officers are told to always wear their bullet-proof vests and familiarize themselves with their surroundings as best they can, once they arrive on scene.

"When we sign up for the job, we know there are inherent dangers," Apotheker said.

He also stressed the importance of safety and training for all officers.

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