Maine City Debuts New Logo, to Some Controversy

The city is “reading” and “listening” to comments about the change and plans to communicate further with residents about the change

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Lewiston, Maine, has a new, shape-centric city logo that is getting all kinds of reaction from people who live and work there.

This week, city councilors unanimously approved replacing the longtime city seal with a modern logo that incorporates symbolism alluding to Lewiston’s past and present.

“The city council had decided to take a look at ways they could possibly market Lewiston and get the word out about different offerings that we have here in hopes of attracting more economic development,” said Dottie Perham-Whittier, the city’s community relations coordinator.

The work on the redesign began in 2019 at a cost of $75,000, with Lewiston officials partnering with branding agency Warp + Weft from neighboring Auburn to create the final package.

“They did 21 focus groups with residents, business owners, community leaders. Got some outside perspectives as well. Did one-one-one interviews,” said Perham-Whittier, adding that the group received 14,000 responses to print ad social media surveys.

From now through the summer, the city plans to apply the branding scheme to its vehicles, buildings and stationary.

The new look is already in use on Lewiston’s city website and Facebook page, and already, a number of people have commented on that page, giving opinions ranging from positive to supportive to the city should “go back to the drawing board.”

Perham-Whittier said the city welcomes any and all input.

“You can always anticipate feedback,” she said, adding that “people have their own opinions and I think it’s good that they share them.”

She went on to say that the city is “reading” and “listening” to the comments and plans to communicate further with residents about the change.

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