1 Person Hospitalized After Stabbing at Denny's in Portland, Maine

The victim was transported to Maine Medical Center in unknown condition

A fight inside a strip club in Portland, Maine, led to a stabbing outside a nearby Denny's that left behind a bloody scene early Thursday morning.

The stabbing happened at the Denny's located at 1220 Brighton Ave., around 1:15 a.m. The victim, a 31-year-old man from Veazie, was transported to Maine Medical Center and is in stable condition.

Portland Police say the incident may have been race-related.

"At least at some point, racial slurs were used," said Vernon Malloch, the city's assistant police chief. "Whether that precipitated this, we can't say."

Police say two groups of men got into a fight around midnight inside P.T.'s Showclub and had to be ejected. They met up again at the Denny's parking lot.

By the time police arrived, blood could be seen near the front door of the restaurant. Customers said it made them feel uneasy, but the violence didn't deter them from dining there.

"It is crazy," said Lakeith Pettie. "What's even crazier is family places can't be family places anymore."

Police declined to detail where the victim was stabbed or how many times. They have been able to locate some of the witnesses to the stabbing, including two women who were in the car with the suspects.

Authorities say the two suspects left the scene in the car before police arrived, and they have not been able to locate the suspects yet.

Police are asking for the public's help locating the suspects, who are described as men who are about 5' 9'' with short hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Portland Police at 207-874-8575.

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