15 Spots in Maine You Need to Visit This Winter

Check out these wondrous winter locales

  1. The Press Hotel, Portland: This boutique hotel pays homage to its previous building owners, the Portland Press Herald, creating an interesting and unique décor. Old headlines hang on the walls and details all around the hotel keep the journalism theme very much alive. Old offices have been transformed into luxury suites. Keeping to theme, you will find the Union, a restaurant, and Inkwell, a hotel bar.
  2. The Holy Donut, Portland: Bet you've never heard of potato based donuts - but that’s exactly what makes them so special and flavorful. If you’ve ever wanted to try a sweet potato ginger donut or a mojito donut, you should definitely stop by. And if you’re allergic to gluten, they’ve got you covered. Come grab a handmade delicious donut today!
  3. Sunday River, NewryYou always see people zip lining next to beautiful greens or clear waters, but what if we told you that you could zip line down snowy mountains? For thrill seekers, this resort is a must visit. If relaxing is more your thing, head over to the resort’s spa for a massage or facial. And to finish off your day, stop by Rockin’ & Roastin’ for food, drinks and a show. It promises to be a great day.
  4. Amtrak Downeaster: The Amtrak Downeaster is more than just transportation, it’s an experience. With a variety of routes, they can plan your entire trip, including hotels and events at your destination. Those who love trains will love riding these spacious and comfortable locomotives. But it’s not just the trains that provide you with comfort; the stations are well located and ready to serve you. So lay back and let Amtrak take care of your adventure - hassle free.
  5. Paul Bunyan Statue & Hollywood Casino, BangorThe Paul Bunyan Statue, a representation of Bangor’s strength and the lumber industry, is the perfect photo opportunity. So take a minute to snap a picture with this legendary character. Hollywood Casino is a popular destination for tourists and Mainers alike. More than just a casino, this 152-room hotel is an affordable stay for those wanting to spend a few days in Bangor.
  6. Downtown Bangor: Take a stroll around downtown Bangor to understand why Mainers say “The Way Life Should Be.” A beautiful mural welcomes you to this beautiful and friendly city. The picturesque view from the canals is the perfect place for pictures or just to reflect. Locally owned shops can be found throughout the streets, as well as a children’s museum. You are guaranteed to have a lovely weekend in this peaceful city.
  7. Ice Fishing: Moosehead Lake is a great location to try out some ice fishing. In these waters you are most likely to pick up some trout or salmon. With gorgeous views to help pass the time, a variety of shops and a little sporting, this is the getaway you’ve been hoping for.
  8. Historical Walking Tour, Bangor: Put on your walking shoes and come explore Bangor on foot with a historical walking tour led by the Bangor Historical Society. The Hill House, the path of the Great Fire of 1911, and the old scandalous parts of town are all destinations you will see. It’s a visual history lesson that helps you understand how this city was shaped.
  9. Maine Discovery Museum, Bangor: Get your kids and let them run wild inside this colorful 3-story museum full of wonder. Its interactive exhibits focus on Maine, math and animals. Let your inner child out and join in on the fun.
  10. Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop, Hermon & Bangor: With only two locations in the state, it’s no wonder this is a tourist destination. The comfort food will prepare you for the cold, while the Maine memorabilia will take you down memory lane.
  11. Snowmobiling: For an adventure, check out one of the many snowmobiling trails available in Maine. Stop by the Eastern Main Snowmobilers Club, an organization that maintains the trails year round. If you are cool enough to own your own snowmobile, you can park there for free as long as you’re registered. So hop on your snowmobile and go explore the trails.
  12. Vena’s Fizz House, Portland: Ever wonder how that delicious cocktail or mocktail was made? Well how about going to a bar that not only serves you but teaches you how to make it at home. During the day it’s a place you can bring your kids to have some fun non-alcoholic drinks. At night, you can order true cocktails with alcohol. They also offer mixology classes and bitters workshops. Come experience these perfectly calculated drinks.
  13. Stephen King Tour, Bangor: Classic American horror stories might be the first thing that come to mind when you think of Stephen King. What you may not know is that he was born, has written about, and still lives in the city of Bangor, Maine. So why not see firsthand this city that has influenced so much of his work. What you also may not know is how much philanthropic work he and his wife do for the city, mostly because he refuses to be recognized publicly. Go on the tour, learn about this humble and classic author, and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of him.
  14. Timber Kitchen & Bar, Bangor: For a rustic look and unique antiques, you might want to grab some dinner at Timber Kitchen & Bar. This restaurant pays homage to Maine’s logging tradition with its décor and offers up traditional Maine cuisine. With items like the Farmer’s Board and the Rustic Stew made with local seafood, it’s no wonder this place is usually packed.
  15. Nocturnem Draft Haus, Bangor: With Bangor’s extensive list of sights to be seen and attractions to visit, you'll need a place to rest at the end of the day. Why not stop by this chill bar, where you can actually have an audible conversation? Whether you are in the mood for a Maine brew or an international one, you are sure to find something to your liking here. 

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