4 Accused of Trafficking Crack Cocaine Near School

Four people are accused of trafficking crack cocaine near a Maine school, authorities announced Thursday.

State authorities say three from out of state - 33-year-old Crispina M. Mangual of Haverhill, Massachusetts, Herman W. Boyd and Robert D. Shand, both 21 and from the Bronx, New York - and 49-year-old Elizabeth Farley of Biddeford were arrested on Wednesday and charged with aggravated trafficking of crack cocaine.

The arrests come after a two-month long investigation into suspected drug trafficking at a South Street apartment in Biddeford, Maine state police said.

Biddeford police served a search warrant Wednesday evening, when Boyd and Shand allegedly tried to flee as they threw away the crack cocaine.

Farley, who police say rented the apartment, was arrested with Mangual in the apartment's bathroom as they allegedly tried to flush crack down the toilet.

Authorities say they seized about 20 grams of crack cocaine, which would fetch an estimated $1,800 on the streets, and $900 in cash.

"This is another example of out-of-state drug dealers setting up shop in Maine neighborhoods," Maine DEA Commander Scott Pelletier said in a statement.

Bail was set at $250,000 cash each for Mangual, Boyd and Shand, while Farley's bail was set at $50,000. They were taken to York County Jail. 

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