4 Arrested in Drug Trafficking Investigation

Police confirm the arrests of four people in Biddeford, Maine.

Four people were arrested in Biddeford, Maine, for trafficking crack cocaine on Tuesday.

Biddeford Police and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency searched the apartment at 47 Summer Street after neighbors made complaints of high volumes of traffic to and from the building.

Christopher Clayton, 24, of Boston; 23-year-old Jasmine Branao of Boston; 32-year-old Athina Goldwait and 24-year-old Casey Goldwait, both of whom lived in the aprtment, were found inside.

Clayton and Branao were charged with Class A aggravated trafficking while Athina and Casey Goldwaitwere charged with Class B unlawful trafficking.

Three ounces of crack cocaine, eight grams of heroin, a loaded firearm, scales and packaging material were found throughout the house. About $800 was also uncovered in the search, as well as two Maine EBT cards, both believed to have been used for drug proceeds.

Bail was set for the four at York County Sherriff's Department.

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