9-Year-Old Charged After False 911 Call About School Gunman

Police in Jay, Maine, say a 9-year-old girl is facing a charge after making a 911 call that caused three schools to go into lockdown. 

According to WCSH, the Livermore Falls girl told police there was someone with a gun in her school around 8:30 Wednesday morning. 

There were four calls in total. The first two calls were hang-ups. In the third call, a girl said, "At the Spruce Mountain Middle School, help, help!" and hung up. In the fourth call, the girl said, "There is a guy with a gun at Spruce Mountain Middle School." 

Spruce Mountain High School, Spruce Mountain Middle School and Spruce Mountain Elementary were all locked down. 

The schools were cleared and the girl now faces a charge of inciting public false alarm. She will face a hearing in juvenile court in the fall.

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