AG Investigating Ex-Cop Sex Assault Allegations

The state has not named the officer and asks the public not to interfere with the investigation

The Maine Attorney General's office confirms that it is investigating claims that a Biddeford Police officer sexually abused a young boy in the 1990s.

Matt Lauzon, a Boston business owner who grew up in Biddeford, has posted on Facebook alleging that Steven Dodd sexually abused him.

Now, other victims are coming forward and speaking publicly about the abuse. Rick Anderson of South Portland said Dodd sexually abused him in the 1970s.

Anderson said in 2002, he found the strength to talk to the Maine Attorney General's office about the abuse. He says the AG's office did nothing with his case back then, and now he doesn't have faith they will properly investigate Lauzon's claims.

Dodd now lives in Florida and was not able to be reached for comment.

In a statement the Maine Attorney General's office writes:

"The allegation was referred to this office by the Biddeford Police Department. While not legally obligated to do so, best practices recommend that law enforcement agencies refer criminal allegations against current or former officers to another agency so as to avoid even the appearance of conflict," wrote the Maine Attorney General's Office in a statement. "It should also be noted that while the statute of limitations for certain sex crimes was gradually eliminated by the Legislature, conduct alleged to have occurred many years ago may still be barred from prosecution by the limitations in place at the time."

Lauzon's attorney, Walt McKee, told necn he will pursue a civil case and wants to see the FBI independently investigate this case.

McKee said there are as many as 12 alleged victims, and two Biddeford Police officers have been accused of sexual abuse.

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