Another Possible Great White Sighting

Another group in Maine reporting a great white shark sighting.

Shark 3 WCSH 062115
Jaron Thibault

A group fishing 26 miles from Portland, Maine, reported to the Coast Guard that a great white shark circled their 22-foot fishing boat on Saturday.

This is the third great white sighting in Maine that was reported on Saturday, which was the 40th anniversary of the release of the movie "Jaws". Great whites were also reported to be seen in Wells and Old Orchard Beach.

Kevin Proctor of Portland and four of his friends reported to have seen the great white around 7:45 in the evening while fishing for blue sharks. Proctor said that they were not getting any bites in a place where they usually have good luck.That is when he looked over the size of the boat.

Proctor said the shape was at least 6 feet wide and about 3 feet longer than their 22-foot fishing boat. His friend tried to take a photo but said there was too much glare on the water.

"I've never seen a great white before," said Proctor.

Coast Guard Officer Kurt Hein confirmed the reported sighting but said the Coast Guard could not confirm that it was a great white shark.

Old Orchard Beach lifeguards are also keeping an eye out for great whites after a master diver reported to Wells Police that he has spotted a great white. The beach was shut down for two hours after the first possible sighting was reported.

Great whites are the largest predatory fish in the ocean, reaching longer than 20 feet in length and weighing more than 5,000 pounds. They can live up to 70 years and reach speeds of 35 mph.

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