Police: Body of Missing Woman Found Nearly 400 Yards From Home

State police say Sue Kim Coito's husband died of a gunshot wound

Authorities in Maine have located the body of a woman suffering from severe Alzheimer's disease, who was missing when her husband's body was found earlier this week.

A K9 team with the Maine Warden Service discovered the body of 65-year-old Sue Kim Coito Friday morning in a wooded, swampy area covered in snow about 400 yards from her home on Campground Road in Arundel, Maine.

"There was no trauma to the body," said Sgt. Chris Harriman, with the Maine State Police.

The body of her husband, 63-year-old Matthew Coito, was found in the couple's kitchen by family members Wednesday afternoon. State police revealed Friday that he died from a gunshot wound, and they are now trying to determine if it is a suicide or homicide – or if Sue Kim is a suspect.

"With her being at the scene, and having Alzheimer's, we don't know exactly what her reaction would have been to what happened in the house," said Sgt. Harriman.

Police said there was no evidence of a break-in at the home. They believe Matthew died about three days before his body was discovered, and did not say how long they believe Sue Kim was outdoors. Wardens spent two days and used five K9 teams to search for Sue Kim in the wooded area around their home.

"It's sad to think she had been out there," said next-door neighbor Kandis Hayes. "I wish we would have known sooner. We could have gone looking."

Neighbors described the couple as friendly, quiet, and private. Police say there was no history of domestic violence.

Matthew's twin brother, Michael Coito, told necn that his brother recently retired to care for Sue Kim, in her worsening condition.

The State Medical Examiner is performing an autopsy on Sue Kim Friday. The M.E. has completed Matthew’s autopsy, but has not released the results.

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