‘We Will Abide by the Silliness,' Maine Police Joke About Daylight Saving

There are dark times ahead

Daylight saving time ended Sunday, bringing an extra hour of sleep for the price of darkness at 5 p.m., and residents of Bangor, Maine, got a hilarious "advisory" to help them navigate these dark times.

The Bangor Police Department announced Sunday that they had received a photo of what 5 p.m. looked like last year to remind residents of what they'll be seeing "for the foreseeable future," showing an image of complete blackness.

"We have been told that life continues even after the time change; dark or not, we need to get around," the post cracked.

Sunset in Bangor jumped from 5:22 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. from Saturday to Sunday, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. It'll get worse — the sun will set before 4 p.m. by the winter solstice.

Bangor police confirmed that they are prepared and have flashlights.

"While we won't mention that setting back the clocks really only helps the squirrels see their nut collection earlier in the morning, and those twelve kids in rural America who actually walk to school, we will abide by the silliness," the department stated.

Some snow likely for Sunday afternoon

The Facebook post received nearly 9,000 likes within 17 hours and community members and people around the country thanked the Bangor police department for their help.

One person who said they were from Arizona said they were blessed to live there, "where we don't have to put up with such foolishness. Be safe."

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