Bath Iron Works Wins Contract to Build 2 New Guided Missile Destroyers

"Bath-built is the best built." That’s the catchphrase at Bath Iron Works, and apparently the belief of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, who announced the Maine shipyard’s new contract to build two guided missile destroyers.

"We have great faith in Bath," said Secretary Spencer. "Bath-built, best built."

The secretary took a tour of the shipyard with Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, and Reps. Chellie Pingree and Bruce Poliquin.

Sen. Collins announced Thursday that the Navy awarded BIW the contract for two DDG-51 destroyers, as part of a plan to increase the Navy’s battleships from 280 to 355.

Spencer said it will help the military respond to rising threats around the world.

"These threats, we don’t see them diminishing," said Spencer. "The Navy marine corps team needs to have these platforms out there for power projection."

Spencer voiced confidence in the quality of BIW ships, at the same time the Navy is completing a review of two collisions involving Bath-built ships: the USS John McCain and the USS Fitzgerald.

He said they are still trying to determine where the McCain will be repaired.

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