Beaches Short on Lifeguards for Labor Day Weekend

When there's a beautiful forecast for a holiday weekend, you can bet New England beaches will be packed. But in Maine, fewer lifeguards will be on duty.

This weekend, it's "swim-at-your-own-risk" with no lifeguards on duty at Crescent Beach at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. They just don't have the staff available to watch the water this late into the season.

And at nearby Old Orchard Beach, lifeguard staffing levels are low.

It's poor timing heading into the holiday weekend. With sunny skies and temperatures in the 80's, New England beaches will be busy. But many lifeguards have gone back to school.

Officials are asking everyone to keep a closer eye on each other - especially after a season with so many water rescues, due to rip currents.

The good news is the rip current risk is moderate Friday and should diminish this weekend - but people are still asked to be careful in the ocean.

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