Bear Found Wandering Around Scarborough, Maine

Police are unsure if there is more than one bear

Police in Scarborough, Maine, are warning residents to be on the lookout for bears wandering around the area.

According to a post on the department's Facebook page, there have been reports of bear sightings in the Maple Ave, Route 2, and Pleasant Hill Road areas, as well as near Broadturn Road.

Officers are unsure whether there is more than one bear of if the sightings are of the same bear.

The department offered suggestions to residents for ways they can make their property less desirable to bears.

Residents are encouraged to secure trash in a garbage or shed, bring bird feeders inside, clean outdoor grills after cooking, and refrain from throwing food scraps in the yard.

The department also warned residents to make loud noises before stepping outside at night and to avoid approaching any bears they might see.

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