Camp Owners, Renters Clean Up From Tornado Damage in Maine

It was anything but a restful holiday in Denmark and Bridgton, Maine, where camp owners, renters, and caretakers were cleaning up from tornado damage.

Four tornadoes hit the area Saturday, and left damage that could take all summer to clean up.

A camp in Denmark on Moose Pond may have been the hardest hit. Several cabins are destroyed and a boat house badly damaged from fallen trees.

"You can’t help but be awed at the power of nature," said the camp’s caretaker Karen King.

Camp owners along another part of Moose Pond in Bridgton have lost power and running water. Trees fell on cars, roofs came apart, and sheds were toppled over from a EF-1 tornado.

"You see tornado warnings and you think, 'oh that doesn’t happen here,'" said Juliette Devany, a renter from California.

Her family feels fortunate that all the fallen trees missed their rental house by a few feet.

"We’re thankful no one got hurt," she said, but added that this Fourth of July vacation has "definitely not been so relaxing."

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