Car Crashes Into Fire Department in Maine

Firefighters in Arundel, Maine, had an emergency of their own Thursday night, when a car crashed into their building, barreling into the bedroom where paramedics sleep.

“My medic described it as an earthquake,” said Deputy Fire Chief Renald Tardif.

He said the car jumped a curb, went airborne, then sped up and slammed into the department around 10:30 p.m. Fortunately, no one was in the sleeping area at the time of the crash – but they should have been.

Deputy Chief Tardif said his crew was just returning from a medical call, and were walking from the fire truck to the door when the car crashed – placing them feet away from the impact.

“They were actually kind of shaken up,” said Tardif. “Had they been in the bedrooms, it would be a totally different story. There would be some major injuries, possibly even some deaths.”

The medics quickly went outside to check on the driver, who the Sheriff’s Department identifies as 25-year-old Kastara Ylonen of Biddeford. She was not seriously injured, and was later charged with Operating Under the Influence. Kastara is expected to appear in court in July.

The fire department expects the repairs to cost at least $50,000. The nearby Kennebunk Fire Department is letting the Arundel firefighters use their building in the meantime.

Tardif is grateful the crash didn't cost a life.

“I really hate it when the guys have to go out in the middle of the night to go out on calls, but I’m so thankful that they were last night,” he said. “It was a blessing in disguise.” 

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