Car With ‘Never Trump’ Sticker Vandalized in Portland, Maine

A Portland, Maine, woman with a "Never Trump" bumper sticker found her car vandalized, with the word "TRUMP" carved into her dash, and the words "F*** YOU" carved into her console.

"I felt really sad, and really violated," said Megan Dyke, who believes the vandalism happened Sunday evening.

Portland Police are investigating.

"It really makes me scared for the next four years," she said.

Dyke said someone must have come onto her property and gotten into her car, using a knife to cut the side of the vehicle and the seats.

Her bumper sticker was ripped off her car. She's not sure if she will put political signs on her property again.

"I don't want to feel censored, but I don't want to feel like I'm bringing violence to my home either," said Dyke.

"I'm afraid I'm not surprised," said University of Southern Maine Political Science Professor Ron Schmidt.

The professor said politically-motivated vandalism and harassment is nothing new, but there is a different tone this year.

"This is more dramatic because it's targeting whole communities of people, rather than people with particular political beliefs," said Schmidt. "For that reason, I believe it's going to endure."

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