‘Christmas Elves' Help With Adoption Process at Maine Animal Shelter

More than 40 people volunteered to help with adoption process at Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

A Maine animal shelter is adding some Christmas magic to the adoption process.

Adults who go through the adoption process at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland can request a shelter volunteer deliver the cat or dog to their house on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, to surprise their family.

“We see a lot of people adopt this time of year, so we thought why not make it fun,” said Jeana Roth, Director of Community Engagement at the Westbrook shelter. Roth said more than 40 people volunteered to be the “Christmas Elves” that bring the adopted animals to their new homes.

“I think it’s just a fun and creative way to send animals to their new, happy homes,” she said.

All of people participating in the special Christmas delivery promotion have to go through the ordinary adoption counseling process, to make sure the animal is the right fit for the family.

So far, at least three families have signed up to have kittens delivered on Christmas day. Several more families waited in line on Friday to view the puppies up for adoption – and delivery.

One father, who had to be interviewed anonymously, said he can’t wait to see his kids react to their new puppy on Christmas.

“They’re going to go nuts,” he said.

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