Coast Guard Brings in Fishing Boat With Dead Body

coast guard generic pic 07042012
NBC Local Media

Officials are investigating the death of a person aboard a fishing boat, according to necn affiliate WCSH.

The Department of Marine Resources said Thursday morning a man called the Coast Guard reporting that his boat was inoperable and his fishing partner was dead.

An initial investigation revealed that the two people were fishing about 13 miles off York Harbor when they had engine problems, said DMR's spokesperson Jeff Nichols.

Nichols said they dropped an anchor and one of the individuals fell asleep; when he woke up in the morning, the other person on the boat was dead. He then called the Coast Guard via a radio and reported the death and that the vessel's engine was not working, said Nichols.

The Coast Guard towed the boat into York Harbor, where Maine Marine Patrol met it. The boat is registered in Maine, but both people are from Vermont. Their names are not being released until the family is notified.

Officials are investigating what caused the engine failure and the cause of death.

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