College Athletes Face Discipline Over Party Attire

Bowdoin College officials say some students dressed as Native Americans at off-campus party

Fourteen lacrosse players at Bowdoin College will be disciplined for going to an off campus party dressed as Native Americans.

According to the college, the party was held last month at a house known to students as the "Crack House" and rented by lacrosse players. Guests were asked to dress in their finest Thanksgiving attire.

In an email to the Bowdoin community, Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster said while some see the costumes as harmless fun for others, it is insensitive and promotes hurtful stereotypes.

"We will take disciplinary action against those who recently dressed in Native American attire since this is conduct unbecoming of a Bowdoin student," he said.

Students had mixed reaction to Bowdoin's decision to discipline the students. Some were supportive, but others said it was a private party that took place at an off campus house and the college shouldn't intervene.

The 14 students involved have apologized to their lacrosse coach and fellow teammates. The college says they could face a formal reprimand or be put on social probation.

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