Communities Stand With Police, Even While Protesting Brutality

One day after five police officers were killed in Dallas, police in Maine are receiving gestures of kindness from the communities they serve to show appreciation and support.

"It means the world to us," said Sgt. Eugene O'Neill of the Scarborough Police Department.

At the start of shift Friday, a father, son and daughter dropped off a plate of freshly baked cookies for officers.

"We should love and care about police officers," said 7-year-old Lyla Pobrislo.

"These men and women are under-appreciated," said her father, Josh Pobrislo. "We care about them, and respect them."

Throughout the day, people stopped by the station to drop off notes, gift cards, coffee and donuts for the police.

"I was going to come out and protest them," said Owen Rupert, who had made a "Black Lives Matter" sign and planned to stand outside the station in response to the killing of men in Louisiana and Minnesota by police. But after the events in Dallas, he altered his signs, adding one that read "Blue Lives Matter."

"Today is a day for healing," said Rupert. "We have to stand with law enforcement."

In Auburn, one small business owner wanted to show the police appreciation by buying the entire department lunch.

"It kind of helps us refocus and keep our vision clear," said Auburn Deputy Chief Jason Moen. "Today was kind of a reminder that we are doing good work here, and we're appreciated."

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