Cow Breaks Neck, Dies After Vandals Release Herd in Maine

Another farm down the road was hit by the vandals that same night

Two dairy farms in Clinton, Maine, are cleaning up the mess left behind by vandals who created chaos on their properties last week.

Clinton Police said more than 150 cows were let out of their pens around 11 p.m. last Tuesday at Misty Meadows Farm. Hours later, the someone struck the farm again: this time, setting more than 500 cows free.

"It was absolute chaos," said farm manager Kimberly Wright.

"There were cows in the road, there were some out back," she said. "Some of them got into the manure pit, and two fell into a drainage ditch."

One of the cows that fell into the ditch broke its neck and died.

"It just seems so malicious, and so targeted," said Wright.

The vandal, or vandals, stole a BB gun from the farm and shot at windows. They also stole meat from a freezer, and cut power to the farm's milk tanks. If the milk had spoiled, it would have cost them more than $10,000 in damage.

"They obviously had some knowledge of the farm," Wright said, explaining that it takes training to know how to turn off the tanks.

Another dairy farmer about a mile away suspects the same person vandalized his farm the same night.

Jimmy Gerow said someone shot a BB gun at four of his street lights, broke into his barn, stole candy, then took his front loader on a joy ride and parked it on top of a hill down the road.

"We work 365 days a year, and we work hard," said Gerow. "And then we get guys like that, who want to play around."

Clinton Police are investigating the incident, and say it could have been much worse.

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