Crews Douse Hotspots at Massive Maine Mill Fire

Fire crews in Maine spent hours on Monday putting out hotspots at a mill in Mechanic Falls where a 4-alarm fire broke out a day earlier.

Explosions and flames destroyed the old Marcal paper mill on Lewiston Road Sunday afternoon. The mill stopped paper production years ago but had four businesses and two apartment units inside.

Fire officials said there were no serious injuries.

Investigators from the Maine State Fire Marshal's office were waiting for hot spots to be put out so they can begin the investigation into a cause.

"It's pretty awful," said Chris Morrison, co-owner of Northe Woodworking.

Morrison had been operating a business out of the mill for a year.

"This is what supports my family. This is what supports my livelihood," Morrison said.

He believes he lost everything in the fire.

Town Manager Zakk Maher said this is the third time the mill had a fire but — this one was the most serious one. He said there was no working sprinkler system in the complex.

"I think that definitely added to the amount of loss in the building," he said.

Code Enforcement Officer Fred Collins Jr. said sprinklers are not required in buildings unless they are three stories or taller. He believes the mill was up to code, based on his office's most recent inspections.

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