Delightful December Weather

One spin around the ice rink, and some kids in Portland, Maine, say it's finally feeling like December.

The new outdoor rink is open at Thompson's Point - without help from Mother Nature.

The ice is being frozen artificially. It's their only option - with unseasonably warm temperatures this December reaching the high 50s, even in Maine. It's left winter sports lovers are itching for snow.

The same goes for Dave Kesel, who, instead of skiing, is still surfing Scarborough Beach.

Ski resorts in Maine are putting out their pleas on social media. Sunday River is reminding skiers that snow is on the mountain - although it's not real.

But they're not panicking, remembering last Christmas was mild - and then came nonstop snow.

Tree sellers say when it's comfortable to be outside, and that they see a boost in business - even if it doesnt quite feel like Christmas.

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