Diner Where Owner Yelled at Toddler Under Investigation for Alleged Health Code Violations

The city of Portland said after receiving several complaints about the health code violations Marcy's Diner, it will investigate further, necn affiliate WCSH reports.

The corner diner has been in the national spotlight after the owner of the diner, Darla Neugebauer, yelled at a 21-month-old child and told her to be quiet. Neugebauer said the child had been crying for 40 minutes and she had had enough. The child's mother, Tara Carson, admitted that her daughter was fussy, but not having a meltdown. She posted a complaint on the diner's Facebook page and Neugebauer responded and called the child "a beast" and used foul language. The whole encounter has since gone viral.

Since the incident, a screenshot of a Facebook post has been circling online where an alleged former employee says, "Parents who have sh***y kids should be assaulted! I used to work in the kitchen and we would rub our junk on those people's food! Best omelet in town! We should have catered to Planned Parenthood."

Another screenshot that is allegedly a Facebook message string between the diner and a customer shows that Marcy's Diner wrote, "A word of advice, if you have kids don't bring them in my restaurant unless you want spit in your food."

Neugebauer said that the woman from the first post never worked for Marcy's and the other message string isn't real. She said all of the allegations regarding their health code violations are completely untrue.

The city of Portland said Marcy's Diner has passed all of its inspections the past three years and they've never received any complaints in the past. The city said several people of forwarded them the screenshots from Facebook. The city said it will continuing accepting complaints over the next few days, and will investigate next week.

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