Dog Found Shot on the Side of the Road

A dog discarded, shot twice in the head, is something animal control officer Sue Milligan has never seen before, and never wants to see again.

She says people passing through the town of Peru, Maine, noticed the dog's body on this embankment on Route 108 last week. It's believed to be a pit bull or bulldog mix, about 2 years old, 55 pounds, black and white, with distincitve markings around the neck.

As the news of this case spreads, the outrage grows.

But officials say it's not clear what kind of crime was committed. While it's not legal to dump an animal's body, it is legal in Maine to euthanize a dog with a single shot.

Investigators are sharing the story on social media, putting up these posters around Peru, with their plea for information. They say it happened in a public place in a small town, and someone must know more.

Anyone with info is urged to contact the oxford county sheriffs department.

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