Driver, Passenger Injured When Tractor-Trailer Slams Into House’s Porch

A homeowner says it's a miracle he's alive after a speeding 18-wheeler crashed into the front of his house Tuesday night.

Richard Faeth was sitting 10 feet away from his front porch when the tractor trailer missed a curve in the road along Route 4, barreling through the front end of his home.

"I don't feel good about sleeping in my own bed right now," said Faeth.

Farmington Police say the crash is still under investigation, but preliminarily say speed, weather, and driver inexperience could be factors.

"The driver did admit he was traveling at around 45 miles per hour, in a 25 mile per hour zone," said Farmington Deputy Police Chief Shane Cote, adding that the 25 mph speed limit sign in that area wasn't posted.

"We learned today that the sign is missing," he said.

The closest speed limit sign traveling Route 4 southbound is a 35 mph sign.

"This is not an isolated thing, it's an ongoing issue," said Faeth, who said his part of Route 4, nicknamed Horn's Corner, is a problem spot.

Longtime Farmington residents said this is the third time a vehicle has hit that same home. Faeth said since he's lived there, he has had at least six vehicles crash nearby.

"Why are people going so fast when it's obvious that it's icy?" he asked.

Faeth said there are several ways the town can reduce the risk of crashes along this stretch of Route 4, including posting more speed limit signs, increasing police details, and re-routing truck traffic.

"I hope my neighbors understand that it was me this time, and but for the grace of God, no injury," he said. "But [next time] it could be them."

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