Ex-Maine Lawmaker Gets 10 Years in Prison for Stealing From Elderly Widows

Former Maine state legislator Robert Kenneth Lindell stole more than $3 million from two elderly widows

A former Maine lawmaker who stole more than $3 million from two elderly widows for personal expenses has reportedly been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

News Center Maine reports former state legislator Robert Kenneth Lindell was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in prison on charges that include securities fraud, theft and intentional evasion of and failure to pay state income tax. He was convicted of the crimes by a jury in November of 2018.

Lindell had reportedly known one of the victims since he was born. She was a resident of France and named him the trustee of a trust set up by her deceased husband. Lindell would allegedly write checks to himself without her knowledge and would use the money for personal expenses.

In a second case, Lindell reportedly became a securities agent for a widow and later a trustee of a trust created for her disabled veteran son. He again stole money from the widow by writing himself checks.

Lindell is said to have used the money to purchase and renovate a California wine country home, among other personal expenses.

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