Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck Inside Wall

Officials in Biddeford, Maine, managed to rescue a kitten which fell 16 feet down a wall pocket and got trapped.


Whether it's a fire, accident or medical emergency, Biddeford Fire and Rescue in Maine is ready to respond. So last night when the call came for a kitty caught in a tough spot, they didn't hesitate.

"Our dispatch center called us and they had an usual problem to see if I could help out with," said Captain Norman Melancon.

Recently some visitors had moved into a vacant building that was set to be demolished - a female cat and her four kittens. The building owner could hear one of the kittens, but couldn't find it. That's when the owner realized the mewing was coming from inside the wall.

"The cat fell 16 feet down inside the wall pocket and was trapped and I didn't know what to do," said Carl Brooks, the building owner.

Afraid the tiny animal would starve or get crushed in the demolition, he called Biddeford Fire. Within minutes, a truck rolled onto the scene.

"We took thermal imaging cameras and started scanning inside and outside the building where the noise was coming from. We got an idea where the animal was located," said firefighter Dale Stout.

Carefully they started tearing apart the outside wall. They found the kitten inside, scared but unharmed.

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