5 Days After Powerful Wind Storm, Parts of Maine are Still Without Power

More than 60,000 power outages remain across the state.

More than 60,000 power outages remain across the state of Maine, five days after a powerful wind storm swept through New England.

As town after town gets back on line, some residents in Brusnwick, Maine wonder if they’re near the bottom of the priority list.

"I have two daughters in Durham, which is a ways out there, and they have power," said Brunswick resident Donna Harkins. "I didn’t think Brunswick would be the last [to get power]."

Despite the fact that Brunswick is one of the larger municipalities by population, has a bustling downtown, and Bowdoin College, it does have some of the highest outage numbers in the state.

According to Central Maine Power’s outage information, Harkin’s road in Brunswick is scheduled to have power again late Saturday night.

"It’s very stressful," she said. Harkins just had to throw out all the food in her refrigerator and freezer. "That’s the hardest part."

Small businesses in Brunswick took a hit, too. Local cafes and diners had product spoil, and at the Gelato Fiasco on Main Street, they lost all their ice cream.

"Everything in the case we had to throw out," said staff member Mia Broughton, "It was super unfortunate, and sad."

Central Maine Power has restored more than 300 thousand outages this week, after an unprecedented amount of tree and line damage. The power company is getting help from crews as far away as Florida. More than 3,000 people are working in CMP’s coverage area, according to a company spokesperson.

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