Former Police Officer Faces Sex Abuse Allegations

A man who grew up in Biddeford, Maine, is speaking out about a former police officer who he said sexually abused him

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A man who grew up in Biddeford, Maine, is speaking out about a former police officer who he said sexually abused him.

Matt Lauzon, who now lives in Massachusetts, has hired a lawyer in Maine to investigate the Biddeford Police Department. Now, more alleged victims are coming forward.

Lauzon first started talking about the abuse on his Facebook page. His lawyer said he reported it to Biddeford Police and that the Biddeford Police forwarded the information to the Attorney General's office, but neither of those agencies will confirm that an investigation is underway.

Attorney Walter McKee said Lauzon contacted him after he started writing about the alleged abuse on social media. McKee said the accused officer worked in Biddeford until 2002 and now lives out of state. He said the officer started to gain Lauzon's trust at a young age and abused him over what he called an extended period of time.

The Augusta-based lawyer launched an independent, civil investigation of the allegations. He said since he took the case more victims have come forward and at least one more former officer has been accused. He said he hopes the AG's office pursues criminal charges as he conducts his investigation.

"We don't want to interfere with their investigation," McKee told NEWS CENTER. "They've got to do what they've got to do. "But what we want to make sure is that we have another set of eyes on this, and I think everybody would agree more eyes on the situation is better and certainly the more that it is out there we think more people will be coming forward."

Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre released the following statement Thursday.

"The city of Biddeford cannot confirm or deny that the Attorney General's office has undertaken in the past or currently is conducting a criminal investigation. The city of Biddeford also cannot comment on personnel matters involving current or former employees. Finally, the city of Biddeford will not comment on any private investigation being performed by lawyers engaged by outside parties."

The Attorney General's office also declined to comment on any investigation into the allegations.

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