Grill Fire Damages Garage, Car


Homeowners in Gorham, Maine, are lucky to be safe after their outdoor grill caught fire and burned their garage down.

According to Gorham Deputy Chief Jim Poitras, the call came in to dispatch around 2:30 Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses told necn affiliate WCSH that several explosion could be heard shortly before first responders arrived. Luckily, a member of the Scarborough fire department lived nearby and heard the commotion. He raced to the scene and began attacking the fire.

When fire fighters arrived, flames could be seen from the road.

Poitras said the homeowners were grilling chicken outside on their propane-powered grill when something went wrong. The fire leaped from the garage to the wooded area behind it, starting a brief forest fire before it was quickly put out.

He also said a nearby car was burned in the blaze, and that the garage is a total loss.

The deputy chief said that the close vicinity of the forest to the garage, and the lack of water made the blaze difficult to stop. A second alarm was called, allowing mutual aid to bring their tanker trucks with water to the scene.

There is no word on whether the homeowners have insurance or not.

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