Group Buys 7,000-Pound Bell From Old Maine Church

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An Arkansas vineyard that sells antique bells is buying the 128-year-old, 7,000-pound church bell from the top of a defunct Maine church.

The Sun Journal reports that workers removed the 19th century bronze bell from the bell tower at St. Patrick's Church's in Lewiston on Friday morning. Workers had to inch the bell along a platform before connecting it to a crane and lowering in to a flatbed truck.

Cowie Wine Cellars and Vineyards in Paris, Arkansas, is buying the bell. Developer Andrew Knight bought the church in 2014. He did not say how much the bell sold for.

The removal of the bell brought a minor commotion to Lewiston's Bates Street, which was partially shut down while onlookers took photos or gawked at the enormous bell. 

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