Gun Sales Slowing Down in Maine

From San Bernadino, to the Pulse nightclub shooting, recent mass shootings have resulted in an increase in gun sales nationwide.

In December 2015, after the shooting in San Bernadino, gun sales spiked 62 percent. In the three months after the pulse nightclub shooting, gun sales rose 20 percent.

But gun dealers in Maine said Tuesday that they did not expect to see the same effect after the violence in Las Vegas.

“I don’t see any big rush at this point, because of who is President,” said John Reid, owner of J.T. Reids Guns and Cigars in Auburn, Maine.

Reid said in the Obama years, gun sales would increase after mass shootings because customers were worried about gun control legislation.

“If people feel threatened that they won’t be able to buy firearms, they will instantly come out and buy firearms — no question,” said Reid.

He said ever since President Trump took office, sales have slowed, calling it the “Trump Slump.”

He expects to stay in that slump, despite gun stocks rising Monday.

At another gun shop, in Turner, Maine, managers had the same prediction.

“No one is panicked,” said Gage Jordon, manager at G3 Firearms. “No one is really worried about losing their firearms.”

Both Jordan and Reid said customers are confident that the Trump Administration will not support stricter gun control laws.

While he has a business to run, Reid said his focus right now is not solely on profits. In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, he said his thoughts are with the victims.

“My heart goes out to all these victims,” he said, getting tears in his eyes. “It’s a travesty.”

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