Infamous Murderer Billy Flynn Asking for Weekend Furloughs

Billy Flynn was convicted of killing Greg Smart in 1990

The man who pulled the trigger in one of New Hampshire's most infamous murder cases is asking for a taste of freedom.

William "Billy" Flynn was convicted of killing Greg Smart back in 1990 in Derry, New Hampshire. Flynn claimed Smart's wife Pam planned the murder and threatened to end her affair with the teenage Flynn if he didn't kill her husband. Smart was also found guilty and is serving a life sentence without parole.

Flynn has served his time in a Maine prison and is eligible for parole next June. He's made a request for weekend furloughs to visit his wife, a Maine woman he married in 2006.

While he's been described as a model prisoner there's no guarantee he'll be allowed to take furloughs.

According to Ben Beal, the Director of the Bolduc Correctional Facility where Flynn is now housed, "It's an earned behavior, not everyone gets it. It's not down to three years in your sentence and you get a furlough. It's something the offender earns for good behavior and other facets."

At a hearing in 2008, Greg Smart's father told Flynn if he was still in prison when he turned 40 he would be willing to support Flynn's release. Billy Flynn is now 40 years old. 

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