No Decision for Principal Accused of Blackmailing Student for Sex

A high school principal in Maine is facing some troubling allegations and may now lose his job, but no decision will be made this week.

The case has been under investigation for several months, and Superintendent Eric Haley has recommended the principal be fired. Now, the school board is deliberating.

Waterville High School Principal Don Reiter is accused of asking a student for sex back in August.

According to Haley's lawyer, Reiter called the girl into his office and asked if she could keep a secret. He allegedly told her that every year he chooses a student to have sex with and this year he chose her.

People spent most of the day Wednesday awaiting a decision from the school board, but officials now say they need more time to evaluate the evidence.

Reiter has been on paid administrative leave since the start of Septenber. Police and the district attorney are also reviewing the case, but so far, no charges have been filed.

The attorneys representing the principal and the superintendent have presented their evidence for an administrative hearing.

"All along I've been wondering where's the smoking gun and it's just not there. So I'm perplexed how this got brought forward," said Gregg Frame, Reiter's lawyer.

Haley's lawyer, Melissa Hewey, said Haley has taken the steps he has with the safety of the students in mind.

The Waterville Board of Education will reconvene Monday.

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