‘I Want Justice’: Woman Shares Cell Phone Video in Police Misconduct Claim

The lawsuit claims Tanisha Solomon was injured by police officers when she was pulled down two flights of stairs and had her face slammed into a wall

A Maine woman is suing her local police department after she claims she was violently arrested during her 5-year-old child's birthday party.

Tanisha Solomon is accusing the Lewiston Police Department of excessive force and violation of her Fourth Amendment rights.

Without a warrant, police entered her home and took her into custody on the afternoon of July 4th, in connection with a stabbing that afternoon.

On cell phone video taken by one of Solomon's family members, police are seen entering home and handcuffing her, as she asks if they have a warrant. Children are screaming in the background.

In the lawsuit, Solomon says she was injured by police officers, pulled down two flights of stairs, and had her face slammed into a wall.

In an interview with necn, she said her wrist was fractured, and is in the process of obtaining medical records from Central Maine Medical Center for evidence.

"I just want justice," said Solomon. "They treated me like someone who did a crime."

But Lewiston Police say there is much more to the story.

According to acting Police Chief Brian O'Malley, Solomon was considered a suspect for a stabbing that occurred downtown that afternoon.

O'Malley said investigators obtained surveillance video showing Solomon and her son, Kamari, together just before, and just after the stabbing. The video purportedly shows Kamari holding a knife, with his mother running behind him. O'Malley said several witnesses told officers that Solomon was present at the time of the stabbing.

"This was an ongoing situation," said O'Malley. "There are exceptions to having to have a search or arrest warrant, due to the fact that this just occurred."

Solomon's attorney said this does not excuse the officer's actions.

"If they honestly had evidence that made them believe they had probable cause to arrest her, why didn't they arrest her?" said attorney Michael Waxman. "This is after-the-fact crap."

The Lewiston Police Department denies harming Solomon and said they acted with public safety in mind.

"We have to be concerned about the well-being of the people in the building, and in our city," said O'Malley.

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