L.L. Boycott? Pro-Trump Heiress of Maine Retailer Draws Criticism

Maine retailer L.L. Bean is on the defensive, after an online campaign called "Grab Your Wallet" has called on consumers to boycott the company.

Grab Your Wallet co-founder Shannon Coulter curates the list of businesses, based on ties to Donald Trump. Some sell Trump products, others have corporate leaders that have campaigned or donated to Trump. In the case of L.L. Bean, one of its board members, Linda Bean, donated $60,000 to a pro-Trump PAC.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Bean should have only been allowed to donate $5,000. When the Associated Press obtained a copy of a letter the FEC sent to Bean about the PAC donation, it caught the attention of Coulter and her followers.

"As fans of L.L. Bean products, we are all hoping the company is evaluating whether or not her contributions are worth the damage she continues to inflict on the brand and reputation," said Coulter.

In a several paragraph-long statement released on the company Facebook page, L.L. Bean Executive Chairman Shawn Gorman said, "L.L. Bean does not endorse political candidates, take positions on political matters, or make political contributions."

He also said the company acknowledges "some may disagree with the political views of a single member of our 10-person board of directors. Like most large families, the more than 50 family member-owners of the business hold views and embrace causes across the political spectrum."

Coulter said she would take L.L. Bean off the boycott list, if the company severs ties with Linda Bean.

Customers outside the flagship store in Freeport, Maine, said they were unsure if the boycott will have a big impact on the beloved retail giant.

"I don’t think Beans should be boycotted," said Teresa Libby.

"I’m here for their products, not their politics," said Paul Matulis.

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