Maine Authorities Seize 83 Cats on Animal Cruelty Warrant

Dozens of cats are in Maine state custody after officials there say they seized them on an animal cruelty warrant.

The seizure of 83 cats happened on Tuesday at a home that neighbors say is on Ridge Road in Wales, a small community just north of Lewiston.

According to Jim Britt, communications director for Maine's Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, which oversees animal welfare seizures, many of the cats are kittens that were found in "filthy” condition" "in walls" and "on ceilings."

The seizures comes just months after the owner of a kennel had more than 100 animals, many of them collies, taken from her by investigators.

"The officers and agents involved in these really challenging cases are required under law to respond," said Britt. "There have been a few large-scale seizures, they're just doing their job."

Britt said the two cases breaking so close to one another is "unusual," but just a coincidence.

The cats have been taken to a local animal shelter to be evaluated for medical care.

They are not available for adoption yet and remain evidence in the state's case.

No pictures of the animals were available on Friday.

The owners of the cats are now the subject of an active investigation and have been issued a summons to appear in court in the coming months.

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