Maine Brewers' Guild Announces ‘Beer Exchange' Program With Iceland

Relations with Iceland are about to get cold – when Maine brewers ship their cold ones to Reykjavik as part of a new beer exchange.

The Maine Brewers’ Guild announced plans for the “Maine Beer Box” Thursday. For several years, brewers from Maine and Iceland will fill a shipping container full of craft beer to each other. 

Eimskip, an Icelandic shipping company that operates out of the Portland port, will convert one of its shipping containers into the Maine Beer Box, and begin shipping this summer. 

The beer box has 50 taps on its side, which creates the possibility for portable beer festivals. The first Maine-Iceland beer festival is scheduled for June 24 in Reykjavik. 

“European markets are clamoring for American beer,” said Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild. “What we’re trying to do is brand Maine craft beer internationally, so that when our brewers do think about exporting, they already know how.” 

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