Danielle Waugh

Maine Cleaning Up Storm Damage in the Bitter Cold

Kennebunkport, Maine, is cleaning up in the bitter cold, removing snow and repairing flood damage from Thursday's blizzard. 

Maine recorded the third highest tide during a strong winter storm, creating coastal flooding that covered the downtown area known as Dock Square. 

"We do get a little flooding, but not like this," said Luanne MacDonald. She owns a restaurant called The Hurricane, and said it looked like one hit. 

"This was a winter storm, but it was like a hurricane - a category three," she said. More than six inches of ocean water filled the floors of her restaurant, ruining hardwood and carpet, and possibly destroying appliances. 

This flood damage adds insult to injury, suffered earlier this week. 

"Thursday the pipes froze, and then they burst on Friday," said MacDonald. She had to close her business early and lost four days of revenue, including produce and seafood. 

"Now I have a flood claim," she said. 

Around the corner on Ocean Avenue, several other businesses flooded. Wendy Webstergood owns an art store called The Port. 

"I've seen [the water] come up high, but I've never seen it come in here," she said. 

It's too soon to have an estimate on the damage. She spent Friday moving artwork out of her store. 

Kennebunkport's Town Manager said the town was prepared for strong winds and heavy snowfall during a blizzard Thursday, but were surprised at the extent of the flooding. 

Laurie Smith said several roads were closed, but some drivers still attempted to get their cars through them. 

"I think people don't realize the danger they're in when they do that," she said. 

As the flood water recedes, the temperatures are also going down. Smith's concern this weekend is the return of subzero temps, when people in town are waiting for heating oil deliveries. 

"Oil deliveries have been an issue and running out of supply," said Smith. 

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