Plow Drivers Needed: Winter Worker Shortage in Maine

Plow truck drivers for the Maine Department of Transportation were working overtime Wednesday – not because there was an unusually large amount of snowfall, but because there weren't enough drivers.

"We do need more personnel," said Ted Talbot, spokesperson for the Maine DOT.

At the start of the season, the DOT was advertising 90 positions for plow truck drivers.

"It's turnover," said Talbot. "Once they're trained, they can often times go into the private sector for more money. And that's something we really struggle with as a state."

Talbot said they still need to hire about 50 people. Starting wages are about $13.50 an hour, but Talbot said people can quickly get up to $18.50 an hour.

"It's critical for infrastructure," he said. "Remember, when they're not plowing, in the summer, they're doing other things: signage and culvert work. It's very important."

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