Maine Girl Laid to Rest Amid Allegations that State Failed to Protect Her

A 10-year-old Maine girl was laid to rest as state officials are calling for an investigation into allegations that a state agency failed to protect her following multiple abuse allegations.

Meanwhile, the girl's parents - Sharon Carillo, 33, and stepfather, Julio Carrillo, 51 - are charged in the beating death of the child. They are both charge with murder.

According to investigators, the girl's mother and stepfather took turns beating her over the course of several weeks and then tried to make the death look like an accident. They reportedly told investigators that the girl fell in the basement, but later acknowledged trying to cover up the abuse, which eventually led to her death.

State child welfare officials were notified several times about the suspected abuse by the mother and stepfather. Maine lawmakers voted to begin a rapid response probe to investigate why state officials did not take action soon enough to prevent the girl's death.

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