Maine Hit With Another Round of Snow

Snow creating problems after this week's blizzard

Maine got its second shot of snow Friday when a storm moved in early in the morning.

Portland was expected to see several inches, but parts of Central and Eastern Maine will likely see even more.

A light snow fell all day long in Portland. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but to have this snow fall on top of the two feet from the blizzard earlier this week did create some problems.

Public works crews had to switch from clean up mode to plow mode. There are still big snow banks along many roads in the city.

Robert Quatrano, a resident in the West End, is concerned that the high snow banks are forcing people to walk in the road.

According to Quatrano, "When they can't go on the sidewalk and the kids are coming from school, you are asking for trouble."

The city is planning to remove snow from all of the neighborhoods, but this storm halted that effort temporarily. 

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