Maine Man Arrested for Abusing Puppy, Possessing Drugs

Getty Images

A man who dragged a puppy behind his truck on Wilson Street in Brewer, Maine, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty Thursday.

In late June, Jeffrey Mayhew drove with his puppy tied to his car for two tenths of a mile before being stopped. He was arrested the next day when police came to check on the dog and found he possessed illegal drugs.

Mayhew was sentenced to 118 days in jail and charged over a $1000 in fines. He will never be able to own an animal again.

Mayhew claimed he didn’t mean to harm the dog and that he had forgotten to untie him from the car.

Passersby alerted the police when they saw the 6-month-old pit-bull mix being dragged behind the pickup.

Prosecutors say Mayhew was high on drugs when the incident occurred. People who stopped him said he looked “out of it.”

The puppy suffered lacerations to his paw and leg areas, but was treated and released back to Mayhew.

Mayhew was out on bail from a previous charge at the time of the incident.

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