Maine Man Charged With Murdering His Son 38 Years Later


A man from Maine was arrested and charged with murder nearly 40 years after his son died and police closed the case.

Four-month-old Nathan Hagar was found unresponsive in an apartment in Brunswick on School Street in May 1979. He was taken to the Parkview Hospital where he died shortly after. Officials originally identified the cause of death as SIDS, but state police say investigators quietly reopened the case in 1991.

Within the past year investigators gathered new evidence that eventually led to the arrest of the baby’s father, Burton "Ben" Hagar.

Now, 38 years after Nathan’s death, the 62-year-old was indicted, arrested at his home on Marvel Street in Farmington, and officially charged with murdering his son.

According to state police, this is officially the oldest unsolved homicide case that has been resolved.

It's unclear if Hagar has an attorney. He's due in court next week.

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